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Yay New Galleries!

Finally getting back to posting!


I have updated the site with some of the pictures taken since we've moved to California. There are more that I still need to bring in from the various cameras, plus Alicia needs to do the same, but at least we are getting back to it.

Birthday Pictures posted and tip to better gallery viewing.

I posted some more pictures from Anastasia's 2-year birthday party. I thought I might also point out how to use the site easier, to take advantage of the fairly large pictures I post here.

System Issues

At approximately 4:00am this morning, I experienced a hard drive failure on one of my cluster nodes, so I am running all my important services (such as Web) on one node. This will make access much slower than usual--please bear with me. You may get blank pages from time to time--just hit Refresh in your browser.

Happy Birthday Anastasia!

It's still going and we've had lots of fun! We haven't even gotten to the cake yet. I've posted the pictures so far, and there will no doubt be more later! Lil Miss A is growing up so fast!

Anastasia's debut on Youtube!

Check out Anastasia and Geordi playing recently. Note: The video below is using Youtube's newly introduced "HD" feature. If the video buffers too much
click the YouTube icon in the lower right to view it on YouTube proper. Then you will be able to chose to unselect the "HD" option (hidden here).

Changes Ahoy!

Behind the scenes, I have migrated some of my sites from drupal 5.X / gallery 2.2X systems to drupal 6.X / gallery 2.3X systems.

More Month Eight Pictures

For the first time in a long time, got more than one session in a month! For those that have voted, if any of the new Green Dress pictures replace your favorite Month Eight Photo, hit us up via the "Contact" button on the left!

Thanks for voting!

Month Eight Pictures Posted

We've begun posting pictures from Month Eight. The set there now is of Anastasia in her Christmas Dress. I've probably never mentioned this before, but I post scaled-down versions of the pictures taken with the DSLR. I can make available full-size versions to those interested in getting professional (or home) print-outs. Just contact me. If you have access to the baby pictures, you already know how to contact one of us.

Hard at Play

We've begun the Month Seven gallery, beginning with a short shoot December 24th. Go on and take a peek!

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